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PAS Construction LLC Brunswick ME



The highest priority of most new home buyers is the efficiency of their home and how that will translate into savings on utility bills, less harmful impact on the environment, and future value. PAS Construction builds homes that exceed current building code with the following features:


  • Advanced framing techniques to minimize thermal bridging and heat loss.

  • Building a thermal envelope with a continuous air barrier to prevent the passage of air through the envelope.

  • Energy Star certified exterior doors, patio doors, and windows.

  • Insulating walls and ceilings beyond what is required of current building code.

  • Efficient heating and cooling systems that use less energy, reduce indoor humidity, and improve comfort.

  • A whole house mechanical energy recovery ventilation system (ERV) to ensure fresh air exchange.

  • Air tight and IC rated LED recessed lighting using high efficiency lamps.

  • Energy Star rated fixtures and appliances.

  • Solar-Ready Zone, free of roof obstructions, and an Interconnection Pathway, connecting the Solar-Ready Zone will provide for a home that can be converted to NET-ZERO.       [Please inquire about our Net-Zero Options.]

PAS Construction focuses on quality design that maximizes space by eliminating the inefficient and unusable spaces of designs in past years. With an open floor plan that creatively utilizes all space, our designs are focused on livability, efficiency, and comfort.


PAS Construction works with clients to find the best fit of quality and value to meet their budget. We strive for maintenance-free living by using long lasting materials such as limited-lifetime-warranty architectural roofing, high quality vinyl siding, vinyl windows, and weather resistant composite decking. Standard interior finishes include quality hardwood and tile flooring, hardwood cabinets and vanities, granite countertops, low E vinyl windows, high efficiency plumbing and lighting fixtures. Home buyers can make selections within the standard offerings.

PAS Construction LLC Brunswick ME


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